SinkDB is a project of, helping IT-security folks avoiding friendly fire.
If you are a IT-security represenative operating a sinkhole, phishing awareness campaign or vulnerability scanner, you can register your indicator/campaign on SinkDB to avoid getting blacklisted or your campaign being shut down.

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Awareness Campaigns



Register a Sinkhole

If you are operating a sinkhole, you can register it on SinkDB to avoid that it's being taken down by other IT-security researchers or Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA).

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Register an awareness campaign

Penetration testers running a (phishing) awareness campaign can register their campaign on SinkDB to avoid that their campaign gets blacklisted or taken down.

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Register a Scanner

You are operating a (vulnerability) scanner like shodan &co? Register it on SinkDB to avoid that is being blacklisted or blackholed.

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